How Not to Use a Vaping Device? Common Mistakes Beginners Make

Like the baby boomers started booming right after World War 2, the new vapers also started right after 2010. Well, why shouldn’t they? After all, vaping was gaining immense popularity among the youth, middle-aged people, and everyone alike.


Are you also fascinated by the big smoke clouds that one can make with a vape pen? Well, before you start vaping, here are X of the most common mistakes that a beginner in vaping makes. Please read them and make sure that you don’t commit the same ones.


Choosing a Substandard Product

Anyone who is planning to start vaping for the first time thinks of vaping with a cheap product. The beginners in vaping don’t want to invest a hefty sum of money in something that they’ll be using as just a means of pass time.


If you decide to buy cheap vape liquid, then you’ll be compromising with the quality, and this might negatively affect your health. Apart from using substandard vape juice, you shouldn’t also try using vape devices that come at a cheap price and aren’t produced by an authorised dealer/producer. Their circuits might short in between operations, posing you a threat of injury.


Trying to Become a Pro in the First Go

Just like compromising with quality over price point, trying to become a pro at vaping for the first time is not a good idea. There is a whole lot of fancy equipment available on the market for vaping.


You need not purchase every new product available in the market for vaping. So don’t think of starting with a sub-ohm or mechanical mod when you vape for the first time. Instead, you should begin with a cigalike for your first-time vaping experience.


Not Charging on Time

If you were a smoker, you’d take out a cigarette, find a lighter, light up the cigarette, and start smoking right away. Well, you need to know that here, you will not be smoking, but you’ll be vaping. So you need to charge the battery of your vaping device regularly to keep it completely functional.


If you don’t get into the habit of charging your device regularly, then you’ll be stranded with a discharged vape device when you want to vape.


Not Taking Informed Decisions About Nicotine Levels

Well, the vapers who are beginning their vaping journey, most of them couldn’t get over cigarettes. And they take the aid of nicotine to give themselves a cigarette-like experience. Although, there’s no problem in adding nicotine to your e-liquid. But there’s a big problem in adding an uncertain quantity of nicotine, without even knowing its aftereffects.


Read our dedicated blog post on nicotine levels in e-liquids and become an informed vaper.


Not Knowing Why You Want to Vape

Different people vape for different reasons. Some vape for recreation, some people choose to vape because they want to quit smoking, and others want to chase clouds.


For every different motive behind vaping, the vaping industry has different types of vaping devices. If you want to become a cloud chaser, then you should use a sub-ohm mechanical mod. Suppose you want to mimic the feeling of smoking a cigarette. In that case, you should buy a cigalike in the United Kingdom.


We’d insist you to go through our vaping guides to understand about different vaping devices.


They Fail to Prime the Coil

If you don’t prime the coil regularly, it will lead to burns in the coil, or maybe too much of strain. 

To prevent this extra burning of the coil, vapers should prime the coil of a vaping device.


For those of you who don’t know about the coils, they are very crucial in providing you with the desired flavour, smoke, and hit.


How Can You Prime the Coil?

You just need to add a few drops of e-liquid to the exposed cotton of a coil. Let the coil absorb the priming e-liquid for a few seconds, maybe a minute. Now fill the e-liquid tank with the e-liquid, and let it rest for a good five to ten minutes. Priming will ensure that your tank is completely soaked, and no extra strain or burn will be there when you start to vape.


Flavour Ghosting

New vapers are always looking to experience the unique flavours, and that too more regularly than the experienced vapers. This leads to new vapers changing too many liquids again and again, and that also, with the same coil. Or even worse, they change the e-liquid without even rinsing the tank. This results in the older e-liquid flavour’s smell getting stuck into the tank and the coil.


So here are a few steps to enjoy a new flavour:

  • First, use your coil entirely with the former e-juice. 
  • Rinse the tank thoroughly with water.
  • You can also buy different tanks for different flavours of your choice.


Don’t be a Pain for Others

Well, the research has already proved that vaping is safer than smoking, and second-hand smoke might not cause health problems to those inhaling it. But does it mean that you’ll always vape and let other people handle the vapour? No, that’s not how it should be. You need to ask the formal consent of people sitting with you before you begin to vape in public in the UK. 


Alternatively, it’s a great idea to get your space cleared, or go to a different place where there are fewer people who don’t smoke or vape.


Also, you shouldn’t become a preacher cum lawyer of the vaping concept. Yes, we know that it’s incredible that you skipped the carcinogens from smoking, and you have found a healthier alternative than smoking.



Phew…!! You made it to the end, congrats…!! These were the top mistakes that beginners make when they start to vape for the first time. Make sure you read these mistakes religiously and not commit these same ones. Also, try out our new vaping devices and e-juices available at

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