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  1. Vaping vs Smoking Cost in UK: Which one is Cheaper?


    So you have gone through our posts that tell you about different styles of vaping, how vaping is better than smoking, and how much nicotine strength you need while you vape. And now, you are more than ready to take the leap of faith, make the switch from smoking to vaping. This article is all about Vaping vs Smoking cost in the UK. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to answer “is vaping cheaper than smoking”, and “how much does vaping cost in the UK”.

    The Cost Of Smoking: On Your Pocket


    If you are aware of cigarette prices in the UK, you might know that the cigarette prices had gone up since March 2020, when the tax over tobacco was increased in the UK. Analysts believe that one pack of cigarettes would cost anywhere between £12.50 to £13.

    For an average smoker who smokes a pack of cigarettes every day, you’ll have to multiply £12.50 with 365, and you’ll get £4562.5. Whoa…!! That’s a whopping cost. You can go on a month-long vacation with that money.

    So if you are an average smoker, now you know how much is a pack of cigarettes in the UK worth it? And this is only the cost of smoking on financial grounds. Let’s talk about the medical front here.

    The Cost Of Smoking: On Your Health


    Do we need to go lengths on how much damage does smoking cause to your health? We think not.

    But for the sake of a nerd in you, here’s what smoking does to your health:

    A British study shows that over half of the lifelong smokers die of their excessive smoking habit. That’s the cost of smoking too much - death…!!

    Although not all smokers die a painful death, some also suffer from chronic diseases like lung cancer and obstructive lung disease.

    Cost Of Smoking: On People Around You


    You should know that people not only inflict damage upon themselves when they smoke, but they also cause harm to people near them. 

    An Italian study suggests that thirdhand smoke does inflict as much harm as a firsthand contact with a cigarette’s smoke. And maybe that’s why Wales have already banned public smoking across its geography. 

    Vaping For Your Health


    As per a research report by NHS, vaping is 95% safer than smoking, and that’s the reason why you should consider vaping over smoking.

    Apart from the minimal effects of vaping over your health, it’s also known by people that it helps you quit smoking too. Try out MTL vape tanks if you plan to quit smoking, they give you just the feel of smoking a cigarette. Also, you should check out our post on nicotine strength for vaping e-liquids, to help you find the best nicotine for your MTL vape tanks.

    Vaping & Your Bank Balance

    For novice vapers, who use MTL vaping to mimic a cigarette’s feel, it costs between £15 to £25 for a starter vape kit. How long this kit lasts, depends from user to user, and how frequently they use it. This vaping cost compared to cigarettes is considerably lower.

    Even if we combine the cost of e-liquid, vape coils, and all other things that a pro vaper might need, everything adds up to a maximum of £50 per month, and £600 per year. This amount is surprisingly lower than the amount for one pack of cigarettes a day, for an entire year. 

    Are you still thinking about making the switch? Do it already…!!

    Vaping & Environment

    We are still waiting for sound research that advocates vaping or smoking over the other one when it comes to environmental damage. But one thing’s for sure, that vaping doesn’t harm the health of those around you by the phenomenon of thirdhand smoke.

    Bottom Line: What’s Your Call? And, Some Great Vape Recommendations

    So now you know the full cost of smoking as well as vaping cost compared to cigarettes on all levels - financial, medical, and environmental. It’s up to you to decide between one. Until you decide on what’s cheaper, here are the best vape recommendations available on McVape.

    MTL Vape Tanks

    So you want to quit smoking and start vaping? Here are the best MTL vape tanks for you. 


    DTL Vape Mods & Tanks

    For the experienced vaper in you, try our range of Mech mods and tanks to satisfy the cloud chaser in you. 

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  2. Mouth to Lung (MTL) vs Direct to Lung (DTL) Vaping: Explained

    So you are just planning to buy a vape kit for personal use, and you land on a website to complete the purchase of your vape kit. But now you are super confused and cannot decide if you should go with ‘direct to lung’ vape or ‘mouth to lung’ vaping? That's why we are here to help you determine what's best for you when it comes to vaping. Along with highlighting the right one in the MTL Vs. DTL, we'll also be suggesting you the best hardware for each type of vaping. Without wasting any more time, let's dive into what matters.


    Mouth To Lung (MTL) Vs. Direct To Lung (DTL) 

    It's been years since vaping made a subtle entry and turned into something grand. Still, people are struggling to decide the winner in the MTL Vs. DTL Vaping. Not anymore…!! 


    Mouth To Lung Vaping

    Direct To Lung Vaping

    Restricted air-flow

    More air-flow in comparison with MTL vaping

    Produces less vapour

    Produces considerably more vapour than MTL vaping

    Power consumption is less for MTL vaping devices; hence they are power efficient

    Since DTL vapes produce more vapour than the MTL ones, they require more power

    The battery is also smaller than that of DTL vaping devices

    The battery of DTL vapes is quite bulky than that of MTL vapes

    These are more compact in size

    If you want a compact vaping device, then you should stay away from DTL vapes. Straight to lung vape devices are larger than MTL vaping devices

    Emulates drawing from a traditional cigarette

    Doesn’t give you a feeling of smoking a cigarette

    The vapour is more flavourful than that of the DTL vapour

    The vapour is less flavourful, but the cloud is something that you’ll ignore the flavour for…!!

    Best for a casual and laid back experience

    DTL vape devices are something to hold on to for “cloud chasers”


    Which Nicotine E-liquid is Best for MTL Vape Devices?

    The thing observed more frequently is that MTL users take up the e-liquid with high nicotine strength. Since the concentration of nicotine is higher for MTL vapers, even a smaller cloud will provide more hit than a bigger cloud from DTL devices. You should also know that high nicotine strength is just a choice; there are many options in the market with zero nicotine strength. These e-liquids can contain nicotine up to 50 mg in each millilitre.


    Want to know more about nicotine strength, and what's the perfect power for you? Check out our dedicated blog post on Nicotine Strength.

    Preferable E-liquids for DTL Vape Devices

    Generally, people don't prefer e-liquids with high nicotine strength to combine with their DTL vape devices. Why? Because a high nicotine strength with an enormous cloud of DTL vaping can be dangerous for one's health.


    In contrast to MTL vapers, DTL vapers might not even cross the bar of 24 milligrams of nicotine in per millilitre of their e-liquids. And 24 is an upper cap; most vapers stay in the band of zero to twelve mg nicotine in per ml of e-liquid. 

    Recommended Coil Resistance for MTL Vapes

    The most common coil resistance that you can use for MTL vaping varies between 1.50 ohms to 1.80 ohms. Although, everything above 1 ohm is considered more than sufficient. If we talk about the upper cap of the coil resistance for mouth to lung coil, it extends to 2.80 ohms.

    Recommended Coil Resistance for DTL or Straight to Lung Vape Devices

    A perfect example of the most suitable direct to lung coil is a sub-ohm vaping coil. Why? Because DTL vaping is just sub-ohm vaping. Any coil that has its resistance below 1 ohm is recommended for DTL vaping. Lower resistance indirectly means that the vape device can be operated with more power, allowing users to produce big smoke clouds.


    From a scale of 0.1 ohms to 0.9 ohms, 0.5 ohms is the most common coil resistance for a direct to lung coil.

    Best MTL Vape Kits

    If you are thinking about quitting smoking, then MTL is by far the best option for you. Not only for people who want to quit smoking, people who want a more cig-a-like experience can also turn towards MTL vape tanks.

    Here are the best MTL Vape Tanks available online at McVape.

    Best Sub-Ohm or DTL Vape Tanks

    Are you a pro-vaper and chasing clouds? Then DTL or Sub-ohm vape tanks are perfect for you…!! Take an e-liquid with moderate nicotine strength, and go for the perfect smoke. You can choose some of the best DTL vape mods online from our website.


    From what is MTL vaping to decoding what the best vape tanks for DTL method are, we've seen everything in between. The things in between included what DTL Vaping is, recommended nicotine strength for MTL and DTL vaping, and much more. Hope you liked our post, and everything is crystal clear…!! Happy Vaping, Chase The Clouds…!!

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  3. What is a Vape Mod? Everything You Need to Know About Vape Mods

    Vape mode

    hange is the only constant.

    The vaping industry took this quote a bit seriously. Maybe, that's why we all are witnessing so many changes when it comes to vaping and its accessories. The e-smoking started with traditional, sometimes rechargeable e-cigarettes. Then, came the vape pen or vape devices, and now, we have the vape mods.

    What is a vape mod? What is a good vape mod? Are you also asking all these questions to yourself? If that was a yes that we heard, then you're at the right place. Here's everything a vape mod that you can know…

    What is a Vape Mod?

    vape mode

    A vape mod is a device best used with e-liquids and e-juices. Vape mods are bigger than e-cigarettes. The primary function of a vape mod is to create more and more smoke clouds. The design of vape mods and vape pen might be somewhat relevant, but the functionality isn't.

    Some of the advanced features of vape mods over vape pens are:

    • Bigger battery size and capacity.
    • Improved capacity to hold more e-liquid.
    • Robust heating mechanism. 
    • Vape pens are recommended for users who are new to the concept of vaping. While vape mods are for the advanced e-smokers. 

    What Are The Type Of Vape Mods Available In The Market?

    Looking at the dynamic scene of the vaping market, we can make out that there might be a plethora of vape mods available in the market - the most powerful vape mods, or the ones that make the largest smoke cloud, or vape mod for beginners, and so on. If you don't want to carry around bulky batteries for your vape mod, you can even choose a vape mod with an internal battery. Here's a formal introduction about all of them:

    • Mech Mods

    For starters, Mech is short for Mechanical, and Mech Mods are Mechanical Mods. Now, you might think what a mechanical vape mod is. Housing unit that holds a battery and rebuildable drip atomiser (RDA) makes up a mechanical mod. This type of mods has two caps in them - one at the bottom, one at their top. The top one is a positive side, and the bottom is the negative one. To make these types of vape mods operational, you'll have to use a fire button, present at the bottom of the device. 

    • Squonk Mods

    Before we tell you about squonk mods, and you think if it's the best way to vape, you should know what 'squonking' means? Squonking literally means dripping an e-juice into the atomiser. Now, when we talk about dripping manually, you may have to drip the e-liquid in your atomiser every few minutes, and this will take all the fun out of vaping. That's why nowadays squonking has been made easier with the introduction of squonk bottles. Although these bottles don't come with pre-filled e-juice, you'll have to fill them manually. 

    Now, whenever you feel like vaping with a squonk mod, you'll have to squeeze the squonk bottle present in the vape mod. There are also some top-quality squonk mods friendly RDAs available in the market. 

    • Regulated Mods

    For those of you who are still searching the internet for what is a regulated mod, we've made your task easy. As the name suggests, regulated vape mods are the mods that are always regulating your battery's safety. Usually, regulated vape mods are box mods. When your battery's too low, a regulated vape mod won't allow the vaper to continue vaping. For those who fancy a regulated hit every time, regulated vape mods serve their purpose. Every time the user presses the fire button, a fixed wattage (mostly 25 watts) is released to give an even hit. 

    • Unregulated Mods

    Before you come to a verdict for which vape mod is the best vape mod for you, don't forget to know about unregulated vape mods. As the name suggests, these vape mods aren't regulating every hit users take. Generally, mech mods are unregulated mods. These aren't the safest options available in the market for people who are searching for vape mod for beginners. 

    Components of a Basic Vape Mod

    vaper ecig

    Here's what a vape mod is made up of:

    • A hard case to house the powerhouse of the mod - battery. 
    • The powerhouse itself, battery.
    • Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser, to heat things up…!! 
    • E-liquid Tank to hold all the juice.
    • Mouthpiece where the smoke cloud is accumulated for you to inhale. 
    • Wick (cotton) or rope (ekowool & silica).

    How Exactly To Use A Vape Mod?

    How excatly to use vape mode

    So you have purchased one of the best new vape mods available in the market, and the vape mod with magnetic battery cover is the new eye-candy for you, but how to use a vape mod? Here's how…

    • 1..2..3… Da-dumm… Prepare Your Vape Mod For Vaping…!! 

    Unbox the device and place it on a flat table, make sure it's set the sunny side up. 

    • Drip-drip…. Fill Up The Pod With E-liquid

    Initially, you'll have to make out where the filling cavity of your pod is. Generally, the filling cavity is either at the top or at the sides of a pod. You can skip this hassle if you clearly read the instructions written on the packaging box. Once you find the cavity, fill in the e-juice, and close the cap. Ensure not to overfill the tank/pod. 

    • Rest it a bit… Prime The Pod & Coil

    So you have one of the best vape mods the UK ever produced along with a quality vape mod kit, and you can't wait to blow up a giant smoke cloud, but you'll have to wait. This wait will definitely pay off. Let your tank with the e-juice rest a bit. In this resting period, the e-juice will prime the pod and the cotton or silica or ekowool coil quite good to give you a smoother hit.

    All this wait was to eliminate even the slightest chance of that dry hit. 

    • To do or not to do, that is the question? Manual/Automatic Power Settings

    Now, some mods come with settings that let you change the power input, and some mods don't come with this particular feature. Now, if you have a screen over your vape mod along with controls, you can control the power. This is perfect for advanced users. You'll have to set the wattage as per your soothing. 

    If your vape mod doesn't have a screen as well as control buttons, you don't have any option to manualise the process. You'll have to go with the flow. 

    • Inhale… Exhale… Nirvana…!! 

    Hmm, so you know everything about a vape mod, and you also know how to use a vape mod, so what are you waiting for? Put the mouthpiece to your lips, and inhale. While inhaling, push the fire button, and feel the vapour fill all your insides. Congrats bloke…!! You're a pro vaper now…!! 


    This post was all there is to know about a vape mod. We hope it cleared all your questions ranging from ‘what is a vape mod’ to ‘how to use a vape mod’. Now that you have all your answers, why are you still at the fence? Purchase the best vape mods online, and start your vaping journey today…!!

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  4. How to Choose the Right Nicotine Strength for Your E-Liquid?

    Right Ncotine

    Are you new to vaping? Most probably, it’s the case that you’ve got tired from deciding so many minute settings before vaping like setting up the resistance, temperature, e-liquid, and whatnot. One such area of concern for all the new vapers is the “Nicotine Strength” of their vape juice.

    If you are searching for terms like “what strength nicotine e-liquid should I use?” then this article is definitely for you. Read on…

    What is Nicotine?

    Before we start talking about nicotine level in cigarettes and other vaping devices, you ought to know what nicotine is. For starters, nicotine is a stimulant and is found in almost all things tobacco.


    The foremost thing it stimulates is your brain. Although, you should know that even if it’s a stimulant, consuming it in excessive doses can be harmful to the nerve cells. If we talk about its chemical makeup, it contains nitrogen in it.


    Plants like coffee also have nitrogen making them somewhat similar to nicotine. Just like coffee, nicotine also takes its time to show its effects on the body. In this way, vaping is very much diverse from traditional smoking with a cigarette.

    How Much Nicotine is in a Normal Cigarette?

    If you want to know how much nicotine is in one cigarette, then there’s no fixed answer to that. Roughly putting, one cigarette has an approximate value of 10 to 12 mg in terms of nicotine.


    However, the human body doesn’t consume every milligram of nicotine from the cigarette. The result is only about 1 milligram of the total nicotine present in a cigarette


    Why so? The rest of the nicotine is exhaled out while smoking, and hence the body doesn’t absorb it. Now, depending upon how often one smokes, a person can find out how much nicotine they intake every day.

    Why are we grouping cigarettes and nicotine in e-liquids together?

    Here’s why…


    The vaping e-liquids often come without nicotine, but we can add nicotine into them if we want to. This nicotine can help you switch to vaping from smoking, giving you the same stimulation in vaping that a traditional cigarette can offer. So…


    What’s the Difference Between Smoking & Vaping?

    The most fundamental difference between vaping and smoking is that of how each process treats its essence.


    While smoking, we are burning tobacco; hence we get the direct hit of nicotine in our system. On the contrary to that, when we talk of vaping, we are heating the e-juice to produce the vapour and then inhale it. Also, you can customise the e-juice in vaping to contain or not to contain nicotine in it. 


    Apart from that, you can choose from a plethora of flavours to maximise your experience while vaping. But this facility doesn’t come handy while smoking cigarettes.


    The deal sealer on the “Vaping vs Smoking” is the upper hand that vaping has over traditional smoking when it comes to carcinogens. People consider e-cig vapours to carry up to 95% fewer carcinogens than what cigarette smoke carries.


    That’s the reason why nowadays, people list vaping ahead of smoking when it comes to recreational nicotine intake. Now that you know about nicotine in e-liquids, you should also know about…


    How are Nicotine Levels Measured in e-Liquids?

    Percentage format is used to measure the nicotine present in e-liquids. The percentage written on the bottles indicates the percentage of nicotine used in the particular e-liquid. 


    Commonly, you will see e-liquid labelled with their nicotine level in percentages like 0.6%, 1.8% etcetera. Now, if you want to understand nicotine levels in a simpler way other than the percentage, then another method is to calculate it in milligrams.

    With this, you shouldn’t forget that even if the nicotine is measured in milligrams, the e-liquid will always be measured in millilitres. Missing your science lectures already?

    How to calculate nicotine levels in milligrams?

    It’s pretty simple - 1.2% nicotine level on a label means that the e-liquid has 12 milligrams of nicotine in per 1 mL, and so on. So what does that mean? For instance, if you are about to fill your e-juice tank with 5 mL vape juice, that has 12 mg/mL nicotine, then you’ll have 60 mg (12*5=60) of nicotine in your vape tank.


    Now that you know how to calculate nicotine in mg/mL, you should also introduce yourself to the percentage calculation. 


    While the mg/mL depicts the milligram of nicotine in per mL of e-juice, the percentage depicts the volume of nicotine in the total volume of an e-liquid. For instance, if you have a bottle with a label of 1.8% nicotine over it, it means the full bottle content or any particular amount you take from it would have 1.8% nicotine, and the rest 98.2% is vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavourings.


    Now, converting mg/mL into percentage is quite simple, please take note:


    If we were to convert a nicotine strength of 12 mg/mL into a percentage, we’d just have to divide 12 with 10. That gives us a solid 1.2% nicotine by volume. 


    For vice versa calculation, you should multiply the percentage count with 10 to know the presence of nicotine on mg/1mL basis. 


    You have understood the concept of weighing the nicotine levels in an e-liquid, you should also know about what’s right for you to answer the question - “how much nicotine do I put in e-juice to make the experience worth it?”


    Which Nicotine Strength is Right for Me?

    The internet is filled with queries like “what strength nicotine e-liquid should I use?” “what’s the best nicotine configuration for me?”, and the list goes on and on. But the answers to these questions vary significantly from person to person.


    You could be a social smoker or a hobbyist who smokes only once in a while. Or you could be a chain-smoker.


    Broadly, the vaping e-juice market has these strengths to offer - 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg. Here’s how each type of strength will be good for different people.

    0 Milligram Nicotine

    3 Milligram Nicotine

    6 Milligram Nicotine 

    12 Milligram Nicotine 

    18 & 24 Milligram Nicotine 

    No nicotine

    Lowest available nicotine strength in e-liquids

    It's somewhere in the middle of almost negligible nicotine but with a hit of the aftereffects

    This variant has enough nicotine to prevent people from craving a cigarette

    These two variants are grouped together because of their highest nicotine level in vape juice

    Perfect for social smokers

    Suitable for light smokers who are limited to very fewer cigarettes every day

    Better option for people who smoke about 8-10 cigarettes a day

    Know anyone who empties a packet in a day? Suggest this variant to them

    They are recommended for people who are used to smoking more than one and a half packets a day

    Some Good Vape Juice Recommendations

    We have different recommendations for every type of vaper who’s reading this:





    We hope that you got the swing of things about what nicotine actually is and how to assess it for your vape juice? Now, you also know if or not you need it for your e-liquid. Or how much nicotine is sufficient for you? Or if you should get a high nicotine e-liquid.


    So are you too thinking about switching from smoking to vaping now? We hope you got everything about nicotine here. See you in the next post…!!

    Meanwhile, check out a host of e-liquids available at our store

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  5. What are Nic Salts? All You Need to Know

    What are Nic Salts?

    Nic Salts or Nicotine Salts are the chemical compounds that are found within the tobacco plant. It is the normal form of nicotine that is mixed with liquid and thus makes an acceptable e-cigarette that can be vaporized. Nicotine in Nic Salts is more absorbed into the bloodstream than pure nicotine in standard e-liquid / freebase nicotine. It is because 'salts' change the pH level of liquid that is more consistent with human physiology and makes for stronger absorption.

    Nicotine Salts are a good fit for whom?

    Now that you know what nic salt is, the next thing that you should know is that nic salts are suitable for what kind of people. Nicotine salts can be a perfect choice for:

    • A transition smoker looking for the strongest e-liquids
    • People who have been reluctant to totally lay down cigarettes 
    • People who prefer high strength nicotine with less vapour production
    • People who have tried switching to vaping and were unsuccessful


    Having a clear understanding of nic salt vs regular e-juice and choosing the correct e-juice nicotine level can be critical before you actually start using it.

    Difference between Nic Salts & Freebase Nicotine

    Although most vapers are familiar with freebase nicotine, users don't know anything about nic salts so they wonder if converting from freebase e-liquids to nic salts would be appropriate for them. You can have a look at the comparison table as it explains all the difference between nic salts and freebase nicotine.


    Nic Salts

    Freebase Nicotine

    Faster Absorption

    Slower Absorption

    Less Vapour

    More Vapour

    Contains Benzoic Acid

    No Additives



    Requires frequent inhales

    Requires less frequent inhales


    Benefits of Nic Salts

    There are a number of potential benefits of nic salts e-liquid while vaping which are mentioned:


    (i) Small Compact Devices - The majority of nic salt vaping kits and tanks are very small as nic salts do not need high power to operate. You don't need a big tank, because you don't need that much e-liquid. It makes the use of lightweight, pocket-sized vaping kits with beautifully salted pen-style more frequent. Really easy & without any hassle!


    (ii) Less Use of E-Liquid - Nic e-liquid salt will last with you for longer than with conventional e-liquid because you will most likely vape less often. Most first-time vapers choose Nic Salts as nicotine salts help mimic the high amounts of nicotine that a tobacco cigarette provides. Many first-time consumers have seemed to enjoy the taste of nic salts relative to conventional e-liquid that seems to make it more popular with smoking-quitting vapours.


    (iii) Longer Battery Life - If you don't vape much, you can find the batteries in vape units or pod systems last longer, very much like the above argument of having small and compact devices. This helps manufacturers to make smaller battery-sized batteries that are lighter & quicker for recharging.


    (iv) More Nicotine - Chain vaping is a popular theme among vapers. Vapers tend to strike their vaporizing machines much more frequently than smokers. This is because normal e-liquid nicotine absorption is very poor and requires 'maintenance drugs' to retain sufficient levels of nicotine. Since nic salts contain a higher amount of nicotine that is ingested through the bloodstream, you would have to vape even less often than a typical e-liquid from your nic salted unit.

    What devices can you use Nic Salts with?

    Alright, nic salts are known for the higher amounts of nicotine, and it's the key explanation to consider excellent hardware that gives cigarette-like sensation. Moreover, you can vape at lower temperatures because you need a less powerful device.


    Believe it or not, going over 8 watts can be harmful to your health. The better the vape devices, the higher the amount of nicotine that they contain. Considering the notion of the overall strength of 25-50 mg, this could be too much for well being. So avoiding strong gadgets is safer.


    Nic salt pods are the devices used to vape nic salts. They are similar to the regular vaping devices that are used to vape other e-liquids, but they run at a much lower power. Usually, they contain less vape content (i.e., nic salts), and therefore have reduced battery life because these machines are generally smaller. The bottom line, however, is that pod systems are ideal for nic salts because they can have an effective hit to nicotine.

    Are Nic Salts safe to use?

    Generally, this is one of the most common questions that vapers ask. Typically speaking, nicotine salts are comparable in terms of their health to conventional e-liquids. Both types of vaping are considered to be around 95% healthier than cigarettes containing tobacco. Nevertheless, for good salts, there are a few more factors.


    First, owing to its greater intensity, there could be an increased tolerance to nicotine salts. Unless you are currently vaping a very small (3 mg or less) typical e-liquid that transfers to nicotine salts that increase nicotine addiction. That can be compensated as standard nic salt consumers claim that they vape with conventional e-liquid even less every hour than that.


    Third, there are currently no long-term findings on the impact of benzoic acid inhalation. It is the element in nic salts that reduces PH and assists in the smoothness of the e-liquids. While it is commonly considered a better alternative to smoking and some tests have pointed to findings that support its health, it can pose a potential danger officially.


    Benzoic acid is USDA's GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), which is commonly present in many foods which applied to many others, including cranberries, plumbs, milk, fried beef, soft beverages, chocolate, pickles, ice cream, fruit juices, jams, and jellies. This is also used in many packaged foods as a nutritional preservative for increasing their shelf life.


    Final Thoughts

    In the vaping community, Nic Salts are becoming increasingly common, particularly as we see an increase in DIY sub-ohm nic salt juice. And just rising in importance. When you want to try Nic Salts, the first thing you can do is research the pod and what e-juice you'd like to use to test it out

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  6. What is Sub-Ohm Vaping? An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

    If you've been in the e-cigarette kingdom from the beginning, you know that back in the day, the scene of these cig-alikes wasn't so magnificent as it is now. Fast forward to ten plus years, all hail to sub-ohm vaping, the horizon of e-smokers and vapers have broadened. Now, you might think - "Oh, darn…!! What is sub-ohm vaping?" Well, that's what we are here for…!!


    Here's the only end to end sub-ohm vaping guide that you'll ever need…!! 


    What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

    A good part of the e-vaping involves using an electronic cigarette or a vape device that comes with a coil (to conduct the electricity). The coiled devices operate on different ranges of resistance. For all the nerds reading this, the resistance is often measured in Ohms (Ω). We'll come back to the nerd part later, but get the hang of this - electronic vaping is all about vape devices that come with a coil to pass the electricity. 


    Now, when the resistance of this coil is less than 1 Ω, we call the process as sub-ohm vaping. 


    If you were reading this article in 2016, then we'd write that sub-ohm vaping is not entirely easy for everyone, from the technical point of view. But up-to-the-minute battery and chipset technologies have simplified sub-ohm vaping for everyone. Although mechanical mods are still lucrative enough for men and women of traditions, today we're here to talk about sub-ohm vaping only. So…

    Understanding the Ohm's Law for Vaping

    When did you last read about Ohm's law? Maybe in a not-so-interesting physics lecture in your highschool. To simplify things for you, let's start with what Ohm's law is used for? Ohm's law is used to find out the value of voltage, current, and resistance in any given circuit. And your vaping device is a circuit. So if you're inclined towards traditional sub-ohm vaping, you must know about Ohm's law.


    The law says V=IR or I=V/R. The letter I stands for current, measured in the unit of amperes, R is resistance, measured in ohms, and the V is for voltage, measured in volts. So if you have any two of these variables with you, you can easily find out the third one for a smooth vaping experience. 


    But in vaping, a fourth variable, Power or P comes in too—the formula for which is P=VI. Power is obtained by multiplying the current with the voltage and is measured in watts.


    In vaping, power is directly proportional to the cloud size. The more the power, the more will be the cloud's intensity when you vape. That's why you should go with vape devices and atomisers that come with good power range, because they will generate more vape, eventually making a more significant vape cloud.


    Direct-To-Lung Vaping Vs. Mouth-To-Lung Vaping (Sub-Ohm Vaping Vs MTL Vaping)


    All sub-ohm vaping devices use the direct-to-lung vaping technique. Others use a mouth-to-lung vaping style. Here's a simple comparison between both of them.


    DLT Vaping 

    MLT Vaping

    The vapour gets directly to the lungs

    First, the vapour goes to the mouth, and then to the lungs

    More relevant to smoking a hookah

    More like smoking a cigarette

    Requires devices with higher wattage

    Higher wattage is not a necessity when it comes to MLT vaping

    More wattage means bigger battery, hence bigger device size

    Devices that run on MLT technique don’t need to be more prominent in size

    Because the DLT method is used mainly in sub-ohm tanks, the coil has resistance less than 1 Ω

    The coil of these devices operates on resistance higher than 1 Ω

    Nicotine level for sub-ohm vaping or DLT is significantly less when compared to MLT devices. Same way, for sub-ohm, nicotine salt should also be less. 

    Recommended = 6 mg Nicotine

    Needs higher nicotine strength, 12 mg of nicotine is the recommended quantity to start with

    When it comes to DLT or sub-ohm, vape juice needed to operate is comparatively more than that for MLT

    Comparatively less e-juice needed to operate

    Best for pro users

    Suitable for entry-level users

    Not so convenient to carry around everywhere

    Easy to carry around in your pocket, all day, every day

    DLT devices take longer to charge but last for an even longer time

    MLT devices are compact, and hence their battery isn’t as long-lasting as their counterparts


    Now that you know what's the fundamental difference between sub-ohm vaping, and regular vaping, you ought to understand why blokes prefer sub-ohm vaping?


    Why Do Vapers Prefer Sub-Ohm Vaping?

    A simple answer to the above question is because they feel like it. Jokes apart, as per the authentic vapers' POV, sub-ohm vaping has these benefits:


    • Bigger Vapour Clouds

    If you find dense vape clouds lucrative, then you should try out sub-ohm vaping. And that's the #1 reason why people use sub-ohm for vaping. 


    • Smooth Vaping with Less Nicotine Levels

    As nicotine level for sub-ohm vaping is marginally low, most advanced vapers prefer this method for a smoother hit.


    • More Intense Sense of Flavour

    A sub-ohm vape kit will always have a greater surface area than a compact MLT device. This causes the e-liquid to heat up faster, hence producing a more intense and deeper flavour. 


    • Robust Chest Hit

    Again, it's all about what feels better. Many people prefer skipping the vapour's feel in their mouth. Imagine inhaling a balloon, that's what sub-ohm vaping feels like. 


    Best Device For Sub-Ohm Vaping

    If you want to know which device to go for if you're going to vape using the sub-ohm method, then there are two types you can choose from - Regulated mods and Mechanical mods.


    If you don't wish to learn about the Ohm's law and all things technical, then you should go for the Regulated vape mods. They are a hi-tech way to bring you the traditional experience. When you use these vape devices, you make sure that you don't have to go through the hassle of tuning the wattage and resistance. Some good options for you are - Eleaf Istick 40 W and Famovape Magma 200 W.


    On the contrary, if you consider yourself a pro after reading our sub-ohm vaping guide, then you should go for Mechanical mods. These mods are great for vapers who want to customise every minute of their vaping experience. Looking for an excellent Mechanical mod, go for this one - ACROHM Fush Semi-Mech Mod.


    Perfect E-Juice For Sub-Ohm Vaping

    Your sub-ohming passion shouldn't stop at your vaping device or tank. It should grow much more, and you should be caring about your e-liquid.


    What's the best e-liquid for sub-ohm vaping? Your answer is - vaping juice that has a higher content (more than or equal to 70%) of vegetable glycerin—VG. VG rich e-juice aids the formation of massive clouds. When it comes to sub-ohms, nicotine salts and their level should also be low in e-liquids. Try Blackcurrant Lemonade by Vintage Vape and Black Reloaded Shortfill by Zeus Juice for the best sub-ohm vaping experience.


    Is It Safe To Use Sub-Ohm Vapes?

    Majority of the public don’t know about vaping, let alone sub-ohm vaping. They think that sub-ohm vaping is rocket science, and might go south and rain on their parade. Well, you need not worry, because sub-ohm devices are safe to use. If you’re procrastinating about them blasting right in your hands, then you might be wrong. Well, technically you’re not, but any devices that run on a battery can cause severe damage if used roughly and extensively. 


    Still, after this minimal risk that comes with all devices that run on battery, you can simmer down all sorts of threats by making your purchase with a reputed vendor who focuses on user-first policy. Make sure your mods are made with precision and emphasise on all-round safety. 



    Before summarising the post, we hope that you’ve fully understood the sub-ohm vaping for beginners, and you can answer the question “is sub-ohm vaping safe?” with a yes. Now you know that sub-ohm vaping comes with a plethora of benefits and who’s the winner when it comes to sub-ohm vs. normal vaping. So what are you waiting for? Order your first sub-ohm vape kit and get the party started…!!

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  7. Best Vape Mods in 2020

    Best Vape Mods in 2020

    We are in 2020. People are extensively from traditional electronic cigarettes to electronic vape mods; online influencing has also added to the number of people doing so for recreational uses. If you have already made the switch, then it's great. If you have not made your decision yet, no time like the present. 


    This guide is for everyone who is an experienced vaper or just a novice. You will be fully aware of the best vape mods that are available online by the end of this post. Here are the best vape mods online. But first, for our beginners,


    What Is A Vape Mod?

    "One man's loss is another man's gain." This saying will be perfect to quote the ascend of vape mods in the emerging market of 2020. 


    Initially, when the electronic cigarettes were introduced to the public, these products were always creating issues for people like not heating up to the right temperature, taking very high or deficient power abruptly, etc. With the revolutionary introduction of vape mods, UK and US people became the most dominant users of these new gadgets. 


    Fast forward to 2020, and now people can wholly customise their mods as per their suitability. You can customise the heat, power, charging time, and even the battery's capacity. To enjoy all these features, go through the list below, and choose the best one as per your needs. 

    Acrohm is just branching out in the vaping industry, and it's the best product Fush Semi Mech Mod just came out last year around January. 

    The distinctive aesthetic feature of this mod is that the mod's tube glows up with different colours when you shake it. The branding on the shining machine gives a premium feel to the product. 


    Technical Specs:

    • 40 Ampere current output. 
    • Working voltage - 3.2 volts to 4.2 volts.
    • Resistance range - 0.7 ohms to 2.5 ohms
    • Weight - 142 grams 



    • Made using heat resistant, bulletproof polycarbonate. 
    • The mod fires up in less than 0.01 second. 
    • Battery vent for cooling the battery is provided in the mod. 
    • The vape mod’s colours can be changed five times into red, blue, pink, and white. 
    • Robustly built to last longer. 



    • The continuous LED backlight can decrease the battery's longevity. 


    If you want to solve the above con, Acrohm has a feature called Breath Mode, in this, the light will only turn on if you inhale through the mod. You can flick the mod twice to activate Breath Mode. 


    Woody Vapes is a credible company in the whole vaping world. This mod comes with a GENE chip. 


    Technical Specs:

    • 40 Ampere output current.
    • Resistance range - 0.05 ohms to 3 ohms.
    • Voltage Output - 7.5 Volts



    • The mod has an attractive dual battery feature. 
    • Comfortable to hold with its oval shape.
    • Authentic build quality.
    • High battery capacity
    • It comes with watt curve mode at an attractive price. 
    • Comes with a digital screen that indicates battery, temperature, and other levels. 
    • Attractive and highlighted fire button. 



    • Temperature control mode isn't up to the mark. 


    The mod has three colours contributing to its good looks - red, blue, and black. 



    Geekvape is an immersive brand famous for producing box mods. Here is the full review of Geekvape Mod. 


    Technical Aspects: 

    • 200 Watts output capacity.
    • Temperature range - 94 ℃ to 315 ℃
    • OLED display
    • USB port for charging.



    • IP67 rating ensures that the mod is waterproof up to one meter for 30 minutes. 
    • Precise temperature and wattage control. 
    • USB charging port. 
    • The device comes with the power of the dual battery. 
    • A cut-off time of ten seconds to protect overheating, overcharging, and short circuit
    • Dustproof
    • Shock resistant



    • Everyone can't open the battery door in one go for the first time. 
    • You will have to purchase the batteries separately. 


    With the power of a USB port, you can charge the batteries while they are still inside the device, yet we'd recommend you to take out the cells and then charge them. 



    This product is an incredible result of a fantastic collaboration between the trio of Vaperz Cloud (designers), The Vaping Bogan (YouTube reviewer), and Dovpo, the parent company. 


    Technical Specs:

    • The wattage range is 1W to 75 W.
    • Weight - 124 grams.
    • Temperature range - 94 ℃ to 315 ℃
    • 5 Volts/1 Ampere charging. 
    • Output current range - 30 Amperes.



    • A micro USB port is available to upgrade the device's firmware. 
    • Colour screen of 0.96 inches.
    • The mod is lighter and compact when compared to others. 
    • Preheat function is available. 
    • Automatic temperature sensing for resistance. 
    • Premium and robust build quality.



    • Again, the battery door is very tight and tough to operate. 


    The mod comes in two colours, red and black. Moreover, the mod has protection for resistance drop, overheating and short circuit protection. 


    This mod is the latest model from the popular Cube series. 


    Technical Specs:

    • Wattage output of 5W to 80W.
    • 18650 Battery.
    • USB type C port with 1.6A rating.
    • Cut-off time 10 seconds.
    • Output voltage range of 1 Volt to 8 Volts.



    • Unique fingerprint system that allows you to truly personalise your mod. Now no one can use your mod without your permission.
    • Removable battery.
    • Battery charging time is one and a half hours. 
    • Bulged out temperature control button. 
    • Comes with a 3D glass cover that is curved to enhance the device's looks.



    • Sadly, we couldn't find any cons. 



    The iPower mod is the newest contribution from the Eleaf makers. A unique thing about the mod is its body; it’s a box mod. 


    Technical Specs:

    • The wattage range of 1W to 80W
    • The resistance of 0.1 ohms to 1.5 ohms. 
    • Micro USB port for charging the mod.



    • OLED display - premium quality, seen in very few mods. 
    • You can easily upgrade the mod’s firmware. 
    • Protection from overcharging, overheating, excessive discharging, and overcurrent. 
    • Holes for ventilation provided at the bottom. 
    • Premium build quality.
    • Long-lasting battery, i.e. 5000 mAh



    • The battery takes longer than usual to fully charge. 
    • The output display is small compared to other mods.

    This mod is another Eleaf product on our list. This mod is best for budget-friendly use.


    Technical Specs:

    • Attractive capacity of 2600 mAh
    • Maximum output wattage is 40 watts.
    • Resistance range = 0.05 ohms to 0.1 ohms
    • Micro USB port for charging.
    • Mod’s temperature ranges between 94 ℃ and 315 ℃



    • Temperature control mode available with aggressive pricing. 
    • It’s compact built makes the mod easy to carry.
    • Plug & play - charge and vape at the same time. 
    • OLED display
    • May last all day long if run on 25W output.
    • Temperature control mode



    • Charging port placed at the bottom of the mod, this makes it difficult to place the mod while charging. 
    • You cannot control wattage output in temperature control mode. 


     Famovape is another newcomer in the mod market, below is the detailed review of its latest product.


    Technical Specs:

    • Maximum output wattage is 200W.
    • The mod has an output voltage range of 1.7 Volts to 5 Volts.
    • Resistance range of this mod is between 0.08 ohms to 3 ohms.
    • Body made up of zinc alloy.
    • Color display



    • Premium feel because of the robust build.
    • Attractive frame color.
    • It performs precisely in temperature control mode.
    • Doesn’t hang while working with 25 mm atomizers.
    • Easy to operate battery door makes things easy.



    • Temperature control is functional only upto 80 ℃
    • Preheating option is not available in this mod.


    This product is the best vape pen for beginners.

    Technical Specs:

    • 350 mAh battery
    • Lightweight at 21 grams.



    • The pen supports fast charging; charges in 30 minutes.
    • Micro USB port for charging.
    • Easy for beginners. 
    • The battery lasts longer than expected. 
    • For people who love cigarettes, this mod’s draw is cigarette like. 
    • Built with quality products.
    • Compact



    • Expensive pods and starter kits.
    • Cannot check the level of juice without removing the pod. 

    Features That Make A Great Vape Mod:


    1. Variable Wattage

    An excellent vape mod, online or offline, should have a variable wattage range. By tuning the wattage, one can easily change the power needed as per needs. This feature is excellent for novice vapers.


    1. Temperature Regulation

    A premium vape mod will have the feature where you can regulate the temperature. If you want your puffs dryer, which is, in fact, suitable for the liquid, you should increase the temperature of your mod. 


    1. USB Pass-Through Charging Feature

    What's a vape mod if it's not uninterrupted, right? The best vape mod will have a USB port that will facilitate plug and use. You can charge the device and use it at the same time. 


    1. Alteration Friendly Battery

    Your mod should be compatible with other batteries present in the market. This way, you can increase your usage time per charging session. 


    After trying several vape mods, we can safely say that we enjoyed the supremacy the above nine had over others. That’s why we included only nine vape mods in our best vape mods in 2020 list. You can choose from any of the above mods as per your needs.

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  8. Best Vape Juices of Different Brands and Flavours of 2020

    Best Vape Juices of Different Brands and Flavours of 2020


    The vaping industry witnessed tremendous growth and innovation over the last decade and a half. This phenomenon has, most importantly, catapulted the e-juice industry to previously unprecedented heights. With increased vape platform technologies, the expectations for what the connoisseurs demand from their liquid concoctions came dramatically up. To that end, top-level competitors have stepped up to the plate, producing the best e-juice brands and flavors ever seen by enthusiasts on the market.


    How to Choose the best vape juice flavors?


    The ultimate goal when spending money on anything is to be more than satisfied with your investment. It's no different buying the best vape juice. You should always be more than satisfied with the best tasting vape juice and the feeling that it can offer. After all, the flavor is paramount to your vaping enjoyment, but quality and price are equally important too. That's why knowing the best place to buy vape juice online is really important and that the service that mixes the vape juice is a reliable one. This guarantees you will vape raw flavor extracts of high quality, nicotine in its purest form and the juice will have the suitable VG / PG ratios to keep your vaping experience compatible.


    Since years, the e-liquid industry has introduced a deluge of fantastic quality e-juices and e-liquids to the vape market with the best vape juice flavors. 2019 was no different and we were just excited to sample so many new fresh vape juices. But with so many awesome best vape juice flavors and insane creative names out there, choosing what vape juice to pick for your next all day vape can be a big challenge. That's why we've put together a vape juice list for you based on the best vape juice brands that we and our customers have enjoyed over the past year to help you decide what you might want to vape in 2020.


    Best Vape Juices of Different Brands and Flavours


    1. Everest by Polar Fruits - McVape - Icy Mango & Blackcurrant

    Icy Mango

    Evert by Polar Fruits Icy Mango & Blackcurrant reaches the ranks of best vape juice flavors that take common tastes and turns into sumptuous vapour. This e-juice’s key flavour profile contains Icy mango and juicy blackcurrants flavor which all combine to offer users an amazing vaping experience. The flavor of the blackcurrant hits immediately as the mouth is filled with the sugary cloud. Then the mango flavor keeps adding a subtle tangy sweetness. The e-juice comes in a single bottle of 120ml with 100ml of flavoured nicotine free eLiquid and two 10ml bottles Nicotine Shot. You'll then have to force the nicotine shot straight into the bottle to make 3 mg. Just unwrap the cap, then add the nicotine shot and tighten the cap back on.


    1. Choco Strawberry Pudding by Smashed It Eliquids - McVape

    choco strawberry

    Get the best experience with this sweet, fluffy chocolate and fruity strawberry perfect match. The strawberry and chocolate go beautifully together and let me tell you, this is great. Our gourmet takes on a sensationally delicious blend of flavors, chocolate e-liquid absorbs the rich flavor of dark chocolate mixed with fruity strawberry extracts. Who doesn't love the smooth and fruity taste of fresh strawberries soaked in a bar of deep, rich chocolate? This combination of chocolate and strawberries has the ideal fruit to chocolate ratio both of which makes a delightful e - juice outstanding. On the inhalation, you get the warm, milky-ness from the chocolate and on the exhale, the smooth soothing strawberry.

    1. Grape by V4Pour Eliquids - McVape

    grape by vapour

    Grape from V4 V4POUR delivers a gentle fruity taste that isn't overbearing to vape at all. While each fruit has its peculiar and glorious features, there is something extraordinary about the capacity of the grape to articulate the nature of the soil in which it is grown. Grape by V4 V4POUR, created with that fact as its inspiration, is an e-liquid for true grape lovers. Upon inhalation, you will note soft tones of white sugar grapes, while on exhale the darker and more sour flavor of the richer purple grape comes to the fore. Grape from V4 V4POUR is a blend of 40% Vegetable Glycerine (VG) 60% Propylene Glycol (PG) which is appropriate for kits or sub-ohm tanks on the pod system.


    1. Berry Heaven by Billionaire Juice - McVape

    berry heaven

    Billionaire Juice Berry Heaven is a juicy berry combination of fresh, sweet, inhaled Strawberries and Blackberries, complemented by an exhaled burst of tart Raspberries. Supplied in 60ml Shortfill bottles with 50ml of 0mg E-Liquid, leaving enough space to add a 10ml Nicotine Shot. The Billionaire variation offers various premium, fruit, berry, citrus and ice blends for sub-ohm vaping using high wattage mods, tanks and kits in high 70 per cent VG formulations. Free base nicotine could be quite tough on the throat and can cause some vapers discomfort. Nic salts are absorbed much quicker in the body than the regular E liquid, thereby delivering a far quicker hit to hold your nicotine cravings at bay.


    1. Passion Fruit Cider by Frukt Eliquids - McVape

    passion fruit

    Sweet and luscious Passionfruit e-juice by Frukt Cider is filled with the tangy taste of ripe passion fruits, lovingly squeezed down to their very last drop of juicy delight. The exhale is glazed with the sparkling sensation of sweet apple cider and adds a pure refreshment shot to this terrifyingly tart summer mist. 


    1. Matata Iced by 12 Monkey Eliquids - McVape

    matata iced

    Twelve Monkeys' Matata Iced short fill e-liquid is a sour fruit mix with a refrigerating shake. The crisp green apple flavor is present throughout with bitter grape hints and an icy mint to finish for a pleasant vapour. Matata Iced is accessible for a 10ml nicotine shot of your choosing as a 50ml shortfill with scope for. The addition of an 18 mg, 10ml nic shot, for example, would produce 60ml of 3 mg e-liquid. 


    This e-liquid contains a 75% VG mix, perfect when used with a sub ohm tank or package to create clouds and deep flavour.


    1. Menthol Molotov by Riot Squad - McVape

    menthod molotov

    Riot Squad's Menthol Molotov short fill e-liquid is a fruit mix with a chilled aftertaste in it. For an icy afterbite, a medley of tropical fruit on inhalation is complemented by a fragrant and cooling menthol flavor. Menthol Molotov short-fill e-liquid with room for a 10ml nicotine booster shot is available in 50ml short fill bottles.


    1. Lemon Tart Nic Salts By Dinner Lady's - McVape

    lemo tart

    Dinner Lady's Lemon Tart e-liquid is a lemon dessert mix, which is one of the most common flavors of Dinner Lady. The creamy and delicious pastry welcome you at first inhale, while a zesty lemon curd combined with fluffy meringue produces a deep, layered vapour. The choice of 70% VG Lemon Tart 10ml e-liquid and 50ml short fills is eligible for sub-ohm vape kits. Both create a great deal of flavor and vapour to match. The 10ml form is available with a power of 3 mg or 6 mg while the shortfill has space for a booster shot of 10ml nicotine.


    1. Cider Farms Dark Forest Fruits by Jungle Juices - McVape

    cider farms

    A new brand, Cider Farms, has emerged into the market and they plan to offer exactly that, a cool refreshing organic cider flavour, without the next day's alcohol and hangover. The result of Jungle Juice's loving attention by the brains, Cider Farms aims to be a brand that aims to bring you something rather unique instead of offering their own flavor. The collection of cider farms comes in 120 ml bottles of 100mil liquor, and volume at a ratio for 2 nicotine shots. They come with a great marking in cider type that really looks like the part for the whole picture in cider.


    1. Chuckleberry by Kingston E-liquids - McVape


    The Kingston Chuckleberry is a blend of Zingberry and Red A, ideal for vapers who love red berries and dark fruits with a cool blast of menthol. This is a mouth-watering extravaganza of fruit, grape and berry topped by a menthol undertone. The vapour-liquid comes in a single 120ml bottle. When you apply the FREE NICOTINE BOOSTER to the 100ml eliquid, this will create a 3 mg Nicotine Power 120ml e-liquid.


    1. Anarchy E-liquid by Lucky Thirteen E-Liquids - McVape

    anarchy eliquid

    A sweet combination of freshly ripened raspberries and succulent blueberries makes this e-juice a wonderfully fruity experience. The mixture of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol is a significant aspect of each E-Liquid. The vegetable element is used to create the clouds of smoke, and the aspect of propylene is used to make a taste of the throat. In this case, a 70VG/30PG mixture means you get less of the throat-hit factor you get with normal smoking, as well as more of the stunning cloud bursts that vaping provides.


    1. Spearmint Sweets Nic Salts by IVG E-liquids - McVape

    spearming sweets

    IVG's Spearmint Sweets e-liquid nicotine salt combines cool & sweet notes all through. The spearmint flavor is undercut by flat, ice notes, with a delicate taste. A sugary finish is created by the candy flavor on exhale. This e-liquid, which is available at a concentration of 50% VG, performs well in the mouth to lung vaping kits such as a starter kit or pod unit. As vaped it generates a distinct vapour level & a consistent flavour. IVG has created a blend by using salt nicotine that will deliver a smooth throat hit without having to reduce the nicotine content. Spearmint candy comes in nicotine levels of 10 mg and 20 mg.


    1. Kiwiberry by Iced IT Eliquids - McVape


    Isickle Kiwi Berry Ice is a combination of fresh frozen strawberries with kiwis flavour. A blend of freshness and sweetness! 100ml e-liquid will take up to 2 nic shots in a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle or handle up to 3 mg nicotine content if necessary.


    1. Rainbow Candy By Nirdz E-Liquids - McVape


    Rainbow by Nirdz is a tasty combination of the most beloved fruit sweets in the world! 120ml of sweet and savoury goodness that will not only please your sweet tooth but also pull back those happy childhood memories of the times you loved this wonderful mix of sweets. You'll get a bottle of 120ml, loaded with 100ml Nicotine Free Rainbow e juice. Also, you have the right to buy it with 2 x 10ml Nicotine shots. Mixing in the Rainbow e-liquid the nicotine shots will make it 3 mg. Negating the importance of buying the pre-mixed 10ml glasses.


    1. Mango Ruby by Fruit Boss - McVape

    mango ruby

    You will enjoy this tasty mix while you are with your tropical fruits. It hits you on the inhale with a spicy and juicy mango surprise, with a residual aftertaste of similarly exotic sour passion fruit. 50ml of juice in a 60ml bottle gives you the ability to add 1 of our Nic Shots to create a 3 mg.


    1. Dark Matter Boss Shot by Flavour Boss - McVape

    Dark Matter

    A soothing all-day vape, Dark Matter Boss Shot is an expertly blended blend of Juicy blackberries and ripe blackcurrants with a light menthol and aniseed foundation. 50ml of juice in a 60ml bottle provides the ability to add 1 of our Nic Shots to create a 3 mg.


    1. Fruity Mix by Frooti Tooti Eliquids - McVape

    Fruite Mix

    Enjoy the delicious lychee, the new milky soft honeydew melon and the wicked blackcurrant taste of death. When it comes to taking out all the possibilities Frooti Tooti reaches above and beyond in terms of testing and uses new technologies as it enters the market to create some very creative e juice items to improve the vaping experience. 


    Final Thoughts

    If you're new to the vaping scene or a seasoned pro, these aromatised e-juices would certainly impress you.  Do you need to add the best vape juice brands? Let us know we love to discover new flavours in the comments below!

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  9. Vaping and E-Cigarettes Are Gaining Popularity as Alternatives to Smoking

    Vaping and E-Cigarettes Are Gaining Popularity as Alternatives to Smoking:

    A lot of adults in the UK are indulging in harmful activities like smoking tobacco. As established and proven by research, it is known that smoking tobacco is very detrimental to health and can even cause cancer. Many individuals who want to quit smoking tobacco are not able to because it has become an addiction for them.

    Recent studies suggest that an alternative to smoking tobacco can be vaping and e-cigarettes. Research indicates that vaping is 95% less hazardous to our health than smoking tobacco. Hence, e-cigarettes and vaping can play a vital role in tobacco control. Government and many health organizations are also backing up these alternatives. The government in the UK has launched a campaign to convince consumers to switch to vaping and e-cigarettes instead of smoking tobacco. There has been many misinformation and confusion regarding this subject. Media and other sources have often spread false information regarding the health risks with vaping. Due to this misinformation, smokers and nonsmokers are apprehensive about the risks associated with vaping and e-cigarettes.

    It has been scientifically proven that vaping and e-cigarettes have a negligible effect on bystanders. The governments in the UK are reducing restrictions on e-cigarettes and allowing vaping in public spaces to make people realized that these alternatives are less harmful, and the government is also backing them up. The e-cigarette is an electronic device which will give you nicotine hit by heating the chemical substance inside it. It contains a lesser number of cancer-causing cells than regular cigarettes. The UK government is giving an overwhelming amount of support to vaping and e-cigarettes since it has been found in research in 2015 that these two substitutes are comparatively safer than smoking.

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  10. 'Half as many Britons' vape as smoke

    Vaping and E-Cigarettes Are Gaining Popularity as Alternatives to Smoking:

    A lot of adults in the UK are indulging in harmful activities like smoking tobacco. As established and proven by research, it is known that smoking tobacco is very detrimental to health and can even cause cancer. Many individuals who want to quit smoking tobacco are not able to because it has become an addiction for them.

    Recent studies suggest that an alternative to smoking tobacco can be vaping and e-cigarettes. Research indicates that vaping is 95% less hazardous to our health than smoking tobacco. Hence, e-cigarettes and vaping can play a vital role in tobacco control. Government and many health organizations are also backing up these alternatives. The government in the UK has launched a campaign to convince consumers to switch to vaping and e-cigarettes instead of smoking tobacco. There has been many misinformation and confusion regarding this subject. Media and other sources have often spread false information regarding the health risks with vaping. Due to this misinformation, smokers and nonsmokers are apprehensive about the risks associated with vaping and e-cigarettes.

    It has been scientifically proven that vaping and e-cigarettes have a negligible effect on bystanders. The governments in the UK are reducing restrictions on e-cigarettes and allowing vaping in public spaces to make people realized that these alternatives are less harmful, and the government is also backing them up. The e-cigarette is an electronic device which will give you nicotine hit by heating the chemical substance inside it. It contains a lesser number of cancer-causing cells than regular cigarettes. The UK government is giving an overwhelming amount of support to vaping and e-cigarettes since it has been found in research in 2015 that these two substitutes are comparatively safer than smoking.

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